Styling the Bump


Pregnancy has brought out insecurities about my body I never knew existed. I find myself comparing my body to other pregnant women I see on Instagram or analyzing the roundness of my belly, thinking it doesn’t look like it “should”. It’s all bologna. The truth is, my body is amazing for being able to go through all of the changes necessary to carry life. Every woman’s is! I decided to get off Instagram, get dressed up, and love myself for a little photoshoot. My go-to outfit has been a simple, comfy dress that I can either pair with heels for a night out, or dress down with sneakers. *The trick is to buy a size larger than you normally would, to compensate for the extra curves*

Check out the photos below for some bump-fashion inspo!




Dress: Papaya, Duster Jacket: Kohl’s, Shoes: Lola Shoetique




Dress: Papaya, Shoes: Adidas




Dress: H&M, Jacket: Eden Sky, Shoes: Macy’s

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